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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Fri, October 26, 2001 at 1:16 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows NT 5.0
Subject: You guys (IODits) still don't get it..


        You're barking around the wrong tree, granted there is a great deal of ICANN bashing going on in this forum and rightly so. However there is also a great deal of loathing for dishonest-registrars, Sunrise-cheats and scammers of any kind.

I have three very big problems with you guys:

-One, you come across as a bunch of opportunistic has-beens who figure that maybe now with all the anti-ICANN sentiment you might be able to get IOD in the spotlight as the poster child of the new world order.

-Two, you cannot or will not understand that .WEB's time is gone. It's a meaningless extension rendered very much so by all the current and APPROVED TLDs unfortunate maybe but so are many things in life. .WEB adds nothing but clutter, overlap and confusion. If approved it will do nothing but increase the junk-mail mentality gripping the Internet these days. 

-Thirdly, you have NO HOPE IN HELL in being approved as an ICANN gTLD when all and any chance of public participation in your prime name space is non-existent since those assets have long been doled out.

To answer your question, I have .INFO names I would never dream of giving them up because I had to pay dearly for acquiring them in an approved, public and seemingly open process called the Landrush.

The domain name space is infested with sharks and scammers looking for any edge, angle or insider advantage. To start an unofficial extension, garner some of its best assets when very few people are looking is entrepreneurial on your part. However to try and make it a legitimate extension on the hopes that the masses will help inflate the value of you assets is nothing but a SCAM no different from registrars that used their insider status to benefit from an equitable process.

You guys took your chances and gambled on something that is going no where, you can try as much as you want but do not for one minute try to sell yourselves to this forum as objective visionaries.... 

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