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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Fri, October 26, 2001 at 3:37 PM GMT
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Subject: Realistic expectations and a .INFO valuation model


        I'm a very strong believer in the prospects of .INFO, however today the biggest impediment facing that extension has got to be "dormancy"

What I mean is that it is quite obvious that a huge number of those 500,000 names have gone to speculators (people holding more than one name that are not too closely related) of some kind. I could definitely fall into that category with one exception, I plan to develop every single domain that I own. In a sense it is a blessing in disguise that 99% of the population knows nothing about .INFO yet, because if they did, they will be in for a great disappointment.

Apart from ORG and GOV, INFO is the first extension that has a
logical usability trait. If properly utilized, it can offer a legitimate alternative to the "Search Engine" space. INFO assets should become valuable in their own accord, however their valuation model will be purely based on proper utilization rather than speculation.

The best analogy would be real-estate, while .COM went through your typical rise and fall of a real-estate speculation cycle, INFO will closely mimic the rental-property model. What this means is that owners should develop their INFO names with relevant information and use that foundation to rent space or re-direct visitors to commercial interests if any exist.

Take (not mine) as an example the true value of such a name would be to create a site that offers a knowledge base on "paints" as a general topic while offering links to commercial entities that deal in the same.

Here is a crude estimate for the value of a single-word .INFO name that is the naturally searcheable term describing a specific topic:

[potential of net monthly income (from links ads etc.) x 168]

e.g. A name that generates $50/month in ad/link net income should be worth AT LEAST $8400

My advise here it will be far more rewarding for all to develop your properties into something rather than throwing it out in some 10,000 long list on Afternic.



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