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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Fri, October 26, 2001 at 5:52 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Getting personal


> That is exactly the problem I have with you guys, your sense of legitimacy. It's like saying I'm so and so, .... As such I'm a person on the matters at hand.

Nothing to do with that - it is more to do with saying, "This is me".

You may be more smarter more qualified than I.

You may be the world expert in what we are discussing.

Your superior intellect may make me look an idiot - or I may do the job for you, on my own.

But these are the opinions and conclusions that I, Garry Anderson, have come to.

Nothing to do with legitimacy or self proclamation of Internet deity - just trying to be open.

Sorry if it offends you ;-)


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