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Username: RayF
Date/Time: Fri, October 26, 2001 at 6:01 PM GMT
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Subject: Business Sense


      Exactly where is this marketing budget supposed to come from?  How much cash do they have on the books?  Does anyone believe they will actually borrow this money? Are the registrar affiliates going to donate to this cause?  Does anyone really think this management team is going to say "ok, let's lose $10 to $20 million in year 1 but we are sure to make it up next year or the year after.  We've got .com right where we want 'em." Did anyone really believe that they would ever make such a business decision once in operation?

They are at 500,000 units.  Say they triple this number over the next 9 months.  That's a whopping $9M in revenue for 12 months.  Where is this global marketing budget supposed to come from?  And how exactly are they even going to triple registrations over the next 9 months?  I think most would agree that the first 500,000 units are the easiest.

There's no marketing going on because $6 per unit does not allow for it.  There is a chance they could get to 2M or 3M unit registrations by year 4 or 5 without any marketing expenditures to speak of.  Just sit and wait.  Which decision would you choose today?  Why should anyone be surprised by little or no marketing or promotion right now?

We shall see if lack of promotion is now a by-product of the first round application process where if an applicant came in higher than NSI pricing, they were basically ruled out.  It allows .com extended years of dominance in the market place with very little challenge.


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