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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Fri, October 26, 2001 at 8:08 PM GMT
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Subject: Logic


        Speculation would be reduced but so would the perceived value too. There was a previous poster in this forum who complained about the fact that he paid close to $10,000 for a .COM name that he was using as a foundation for a site that he expects to be profitable. He was complaining about the fact that he most likely won't get the .BIZ or .INFO equivalents and the effects of dilution this will have on his client base, especially if he ends up with a similar business occupying any of those spaces.
Given the fact that domain name extensions are being released in what seems to be a complete haphazard function, this will take us back to my previous arguements against creating overlapping extensions and I don't want to get into that again. We all agree that BIZ made more sense than COM but two wrongs don't make a right, BIZ should never have happened.

We have to agree on one of the following two definitions and then all following discussion will fall into place:

1. We are for domain extensions having a scarcity factor.
2. We are for unrestricted domain extensions.

This is the one thing that we all have to reach a consensus on. If you chose #2 then you have just indicated that domain extensions should disappear altogether. This plays out extremely well for the Yahoos and the Excites of this world. It is also the foundation of the "Trademark" lobby. What they say is that the prefix is what counts but the suffix doesn't. So in essence and Apple.fruit and and Apple.God should all belong to Apple Computers.

Personally I think we need extensions and lots of them as long as they DON'T overlap. is a company is an animal is a person
etc. etc.

What we have today is a great number of extensions that qualify as one and the same, COM, BIZ, INFO, NET, WEB, ORG, US, USA, WS could be argued to mean a business entity or product line that are confusingly similar.

Another huge mistake that ICANN did was to even consider the TM lobby for INFO. To me means nothing more than visitting and reading their "About Apple" page. If I was Afilias, I would lobby Apple Computers to sponsor a site on the fruit this way they own the name but foster the extension.




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