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Username: S. Hudgens
Date/Time: Fri, October 26, 2001 at 8:58 PM GMT
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Subject: Overlap


"Personally I think we need extensions and lots of them as long as they DON'T overlap."

I suppose this is where we left off earlier.  Maybe a good definition of overlap is needed here.  If the definition is too broad, all TLDs overlap.

"What we have today is a great number of extensions that qualify as one and the same, COM, BIZ, INFO, NET, WEB, ORG, US, USA, WS could be argued to mean a business entity or product line that are confusingly similar."

I guess I don't understand.  I thought you didn't like .WEB because its time had come and gone due to some overlapping problem.  Your post seems to indicate you believe that .INFO and .WEB will somehow overlap with .COM, .NET and .BIZ, and others.

It appears to me that there is no clear solution to this problem.  We get mired in something we can't control if we try to define the goodness of a TLD by its intended purpose.  This is why I believe that, as long as an applicant can show viability, any TLD should be approved.  Then, the market will sort out the good from the bad.

No, it isn't a perfect solution, but to me it seems the best one.

Shelby Hudgens


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