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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Fri, October 26, 2001 at 11:28 PM GMT
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Subject: Overlap


        You are talking from your position as a technology adopter and not an end-user. All that talk about WEB competing with COM, to who's benefit? Us, people who had a hard time registering a meaningful name that attracts users. Those same users who will get ultimately confused as to whether they should visit the COM, WEB or NET or all three to find what they are looking for! Plays very nicely into the hands of an aggregator or an indexer and this way you most definetly render extensions absolutely useless.
I bet you anything the day you see ICANN approving 10 new general purpose TLDs is the day Microsoft or Verisign or whomever announces a brand new indexing system that does away with TLDs altogether. That's what RealNames is pushing for and we are playing well into their hands.

By creating confusion, we are doing nothing but inviting big brother into the yard.

I say steer away from .COM and build extensions that make better sense and that is why I cited ORG and GOV as the two most meaningful extensions. INFO should have fit in that same niche had it not been for the complete lack of vision on ICANN's part.

Again we come full circle to my problem with WEB and the fact that it does nothing but bang heads with COM, BIZ, NET and beyond.



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