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Username: Timberstone
Date/Time: Sat, October 27, 2001 at 5:33 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V4.5 using Macintosh
Subject: I Agree! NO OVERLAP!


        Rather then making a sensible new tld like .gen for general
.info,.pro & .biz all overlap into .com  Should they ever gain
habitual use, which I doubt. The navigational confusion will only
serve to ensure dependency on search engines. Which are now charging
for placement. As more natural thought domains become .INFOmational
directories, dependency of search engines is lessoned. This is good
and the intention of the domain naming system. "Words people can
identify with. We mine as well use the numbers and forget the use of
word navigation. Leave it to greedy registrars and make shift
authorities with short sighted ignorance to plant the seed
to which the potential to destroy a perfect navigational foundation
for the sake of restocking the shelves so a few can profit.

The internet gold rush is over. That's why it was a gold rush!
Navigational chaos is all that could come of overlaping tlds. It's
like having .com & .biz Has ICANN gone insane! Let's just make every
word a TLD. .cat, .dog and .pet! That's the same as .info, .biz and
.com  How many commercial businesses have branded their businesses on
a natural thought dot com? How many new cybersquaters now have
Trademarked names in .info? WHAT A MESS! Lets have .nit and .wit just
for ICANN's use.

People are habitual creatures. It will be a long time
before .TV .Web .info .abc .efg or any other tld gets type-in traffic.
I think the plan here is just to make registration revenue when the
shelves went bare. The river was panned out. It's a greedy attempt to
restock it with FOOLS GOLD. .gen is a harmless TLD for non commercial
use if any. .TV is that for TransVestite? Could never figure that one
out. I don't see the media using it... .Web, Guess that's the same as
.gen Funny, I've never stumbled on a .web website...Realnames is a
joke. The default of Netscape and IE is Dot-Com It is the REAL NAME!
We can drop the .Com and get there!

Bottomline - All new TLD's are a greedy attempt to part people with
their money...We need the government to regulate the net as we have a
dictatorship running it now. Maybe the Taliban is running ICANN? To
anyone with a business online, overlaping tlds is terrorism....


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