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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sat, October 27, 2001 at 10:31 PM GMT
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Subject: more thoughts on the expectations of .info sites


I suspect that most of the posters are like me, domain hunters and gatherers of available names related to their area of interest or business plans.  In an intensive day of scouting name spaces yesterday, to try to determine potential for some available .infos related to my interests, I was reminded how shitty much of the .com space is.

We worry that .info won't be developed or promoted as quickly as we would like, but the ".com is king" rant is bullshit.  Sure it's been in the marketplace for 20 years, but a very large percentage of the .com space is empty or unadulterated crap, providing the user with a growing frustration.

I suspect the total number of the old TLDs that some registrars like to remind us have been registered is totally misleading and  suspect that a very large percentage were never developed and have lapsed.

When you search you find the majority of currently names undeveloped, for sale, or sites tenuously linked to another topic - often as not filled with bloody popups. 

A great many .coms and .nets are underdeveloped - beautiful generics diminished or underutilised by way of the fact the current owner hasn't seen or bothered to develop its potential. This incidence of underdevelopment can be just as frustrating as sites full of popups, as you have wasted time and your expectations are not fulfilled.

Had the current owners of these underdeveloped .coms and .nets bought .infos instead, the potential of the names may have been more obvious and they may have utilised a different business model.

Having worked in universities and schools for 16 years, I know that today's young Internet users are information searchers who are not impressed with the commercial world and I predict will always choose a .info site over a .com of the same name - and will quickly book mark it, tell their friends, and use it instead of a search engine when the .info site gives them what they want.

In fact I think the time is just right for .info sites to come into operation when so many if not all search engines proving time consuming and annoying.  I think search engines are good, but I think good .info sites will be better.

There are so many areas of human endeavour which are better suited to .info than .com or .net, which if developed well can be just as if not more commercial valuable as the "old" extensions and much more valuable than country codes. I don't think .info owners have to worry about .biz, as most will prove as valuable as .TV.

I also believe that there is a public spiritedness I have seen at the forum which if converted into .info sites giving value for time and or money, then the .info pioneers with good names will do very well.

Good names - I don't think they were all taken in the fraud orchestrated by Afilias Ltd.  Afilias and some of its registrars aided and abetted around 10,000 fraudulent Sunrise registrations, but many of these names from the hours I have spent at Richard Henderson's are not so great and many appear to have very limited .info application.

Now I am not saying that the 10,000 Sunrise frauds didn't grab some great names.  I know I invested the majority of my .info preregistration budget in names that went to registrants who chose to cheat Landrush applicants in a launch designed apparently by cheats for cheats.

But there were also great .info application names taken by companies with age old TMs for things like washing powders.

Depite the uncertainty of who may end up with the good "suspicious" names that have yet to be challedged "and equitably released to the public", the good names being hoarded by speculators and the good names that a stupid launch model gave to current TM holders - - no, not for your boaties or fisherpersons (can't be too careful) - you get detergent! - I think we have managed to get some great names that have the potential to change the way the Internet is utilised.

I like the valuation model that Challenge put up using a real estate analogy and I can see good .infos being very prized property and income earners.

I hope we all have rewarding times developing and operating our new .info sites.  What a great shame we have had to do business with the whale shit registry Afilias Ltd. and lose so much money to Afilias's approved registrars who became a part of Afilias's corrupt culture.

We must not forget the straight registrars who disassociated themselves from the Afilias .info fiasco, and those whose ethics made them break the ICANN approved Afilias Registry Registrar License Agreement and completed checks on the accuracy and bona fides of Sunrise applications.  ( I noted some time ago that Melbourne IT and CDNS(?) backed out of the planned Afilias consortium very early - I wonder if they accurately foresaw what trouble Afilias Ltd. was heading for?  I wonder also if very smart and reliable registars like Gandi chose to wait for realtime .info registrations rather than be involved in the scam of the .info Sunrise for the same reason.)

Got a bit rambling and off topic - sorry, but still on my morning's first coffee.


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