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Username: Helveticus
Date/Time: Sat, October 27, 2001 at 10:49 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Alas! same problem for me...


Yes: six of the names which I registered during Landrush and three of the names which I registered live are still not in my account management (although all are showing on Afilias, but some with partly inaccurate contact information!). I have called Netsol several times (plus the many times I kept on the line during 20 minutes - from overseas - without any reply...). Each time, they seemed willing to help (obviously the person at the end of the line is not responsible)... each time, nothing was solved, and I had to begin again from the beginning the next time, despite report numbers issued, etc.
In addition, watch your credit card debits: I had very strange experiences with the names bought through Netsol live. My credit card was debited for all three of them, then on the following day I got a reimbursement on my credit card for two of them. No explanation, no reason... and people at Netsol are unable themselves to know. I tell them about that: "Oh, then it means you have not registered the domain names. Register them again." I reply: "No, they are on the Afilias Whois. It is impossible to register them again." Reply: "But they are not on your account manager?" - "No, I told you several times already." They: "Well, if they are not on your account manager, you should register them again, otherwise they would be on your account manager." Me: "But I told you they are on the Afilias Whois." Etc, etc.  Once you reach them, people at Netsol take their time - but I think that they are just part of a big business, and you never come in touch with those people who might do something.
Anyway, I will NEVER use Netsol again in the future. I recommend to everybody once again: at a third of the price asked for by Netsol, excellent support via e-mail, efficient service. If only I had known them earlier!


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