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Username: 410
Date/Time: Tue, October 30, 2001 at 11:43 AM GMT
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Subject: Are you saying. . .


Are you saying it is unconscionable that people support things in which they have vested interests?

Next time don't vote for the candidate that would help your own lifestyle.

Next time don't raise a banner or a flag for an entity that represents your interests.

You are trying to ascribe guilt to vested interests, and that is not only stupid, it is offensive.

From now on, remain quiet when it is in your best interest to speak up. I want you to live according to the principles your above post embraces.

Let's see where that gets you.

Don't speak up when someone wants to close down your daughter's very effective school.

Don't speak up when politicians unjustifiably raise your taxes.

Afterall, according to you, defending one's interests is a travesty.

. . . Or even better. . . you can grow the hell up.


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