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Username: FineE
Date/Time: Wed, October 31, 2001 at 5:45 AM GMT
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Subject: No I am not. I find Fleming's post relevant and on topic.


     The reality is that the "alternate" or "inclusive" roots will not go away. I fail to see why you consider Fleming post "spam". What he has done is point out that the ICANN / US Gov version of .museum is not alone. There was another version before sold by name-space. This is highly relevant to the topic of this forum.

The fact remains that small but growing percentage of Internet users do not recognize the ICANN /`US Gov version of .museum. Whether this percentage is 1% or 5% is beside the point. What is relevant is that .museum is fundamentlally different from .com, since in the latter case all of the internet community recognize the ICANN /`US gov .com. This does have serious implications for registrants and users of .museum regardless of how one feels about the "alternate" or "inclusive" roots.

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