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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Thu, November 1, 2001 at 12:04 AM GMT
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Subject: Proof of Concept


News item - in no way is this WIPO press release for PR purposes - honestly, truthfully, really, cross my heart, sincerely ;-)

Ford motors are introducing a new cost saving safety system for their cars.

Drivers will have a blow-up inflatable pillow to replace the airbag.

“This will save the customer over one hundred dollars on the cost of a new car.” Said Vint Cerf, Ford CEO.

He added, “We got the world experts on this - to analyse what system we should use. We approached WIPO as the world recognized authority.”

Francis Gurry, Advertising and Publicity Executive for the World Inflatable Pillow Organization, had several good points to make.

“Yes,” he said modestly, “we are world renowned experts - nobody knows more than us about these things.”

“Clearly,” he explained, “the pillow that will replace the airbag is more space efficient, as it will be folded flat under the driver seat.”

He went on, “When the driver sees that a crash is about to happen - all they have to do is reach under his seat, grab the pillow, hold the tube to mouth and blow to the required size.”

“Not forgetting to close the bung, of course”, he said with a wry smile.

“Notice that the size blown can be customized for the driver - who did not have this feature in the standard airbag.” he said in all seriousness, knowing people had died because of this failure in the airbag design.

“Obviously”, he triumphantly proclaimed, “the driver then merely has to place the pillow between face and the steering wheel before the impending crash - to save their life.”

He closed the interview by stating, “We are sure it will work, the car will still go on the same roads, using the same rules - but the proof of concept will be done when the car goes on sale.”


Proof of Concept during implementation is bull* - it is done before going live.

To those that say the Inflatable Pillow clearly will not work - it is equally as obvious that Sunrise clearly would not work - without validation of data input and checking that trademark is not fraudulent.

It is just as apparent, that Sunrise on OPEN TLD is a load of blinking bull* propaganda.


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