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Username: EasyTech
Date/Time: Thu, November 1, 2001 at 12:50 AM GMT (Thu, November 1, 2001 at 1:50 PM CET)
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Subject: Things are clearer now!


--> Things are clearer now!
And what is when a registry fails? Do it have to pay the money back? ICANN could do the same with afilias. But as I read the registration agreements all fees are non-refundable. So if ICANN would decide that a registry in "your proof of concept phase" can't handle it. All money of the customers were lost. It would be same if ICANN would  terminate afilias now.
Sorry, but I can't see much benefit.

"So new net is better because it can be accessed by millions of people?

I can certainly understand that logic - and agree to a certain extent - but it fails to take many things into account."
--> The chance of getting into USG root is higher and the chance of beeing duplicated by ICANN is lower (mass confusion: 400 mil get that page 70 mil get another page. That would "de-stabilize" the net in ICANNs speech)

"I am thinking primarily of Christopher Ambler with .web - "they are carried in roots that are accessible by not many people".

But you qualified that with, "and there is nearly zero content."

How many customers would he have to get before deserving a chance at USG root?"
--> .WEB is a really nice extension. But nowadays new TLDs should characterize the content like .info for informationm, .biz for business, .pro for professionals, .museum and so on. .WEB stands for the WEB, so there is no characterisation of content. .WEB wouldn't lead to any improvement of web navigation.

If there were much content in the .WEB space some people might say: "I want see that, too"
These people would use plug-ins like the new from PacificRoot/Nameslinger or directly use alt roots. And before ICANN looses power they will put .WEB into the USG root.
Why do you think encourages its customers with prizes to build sites? Without content there is no need to download the plug-in or to join a enabled ISP and no need to visit sites. Until now a killer application is missed. Maybe its the new movie service.


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