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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Thu, November 1, 2001 at 1:30 PM GMT
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Subject: Benefit


--> Things are clearer now!
And what is when a registry fails? Do it have to pay the money back? ICANN could do the same with afilias. But as I read the registration agreements all fees are non-refundable. So if ICANN would decide that a registry in "your proof of concept phase" can't handle it. All money of the customers were lost. It would be same if ICANN would  terminate afilias now.
Sorry, but I can't see much benefit.

Reply: The main benefit being, this stops incompetent management getting their hands on a TLD. Afilias customers would have known they were gambling on them doing a good job. Yes - Afilias would be the first to go.

.WEB wouldn't lead to any improvement of web navigation.

Reply: Though I am not advocate for .web, nor having .web domain, I consider it a good general purpose TLD.

But nowadays new TLDs should characterize the content...

Reply: Agree - with .reg for registered trademarks ;-)


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