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Username: James Fleming
Date/Time: Sat, November 3, 2001 at 2:31 AM GMT
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Subject: Whole new system to replace TLDs - quoted here


        Commencing 1/1/2002 IFRACC has announced, in conjunction with SNRUB and the WWFI, all existing TLDs are to be suspended.
      Spokesman for IFRACC, Mr Crispin Delaruse, proclaimed "due to the ongoing problems with the whole Internet Naming System, urgent action has become necessary. I must point out, however, than the Numbering System will remain in place, to be administered by ICAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers), whose new chairman, I. Vincent Cantelope Jnr, will attend a press-briefing tomorrow."

      All TLDs are to be progressively removed, in the order in which they were introduced.

      The replacement system - the UD system - will take the form of Universal Domains. The use of "."s in Internet Name Construction will henceforth be prohibited.

      Mr Delaruse gave the following examples:

      hawaii  (not or or www.scam.hawaii)
      coke    (not or or www.drink.coke)

      These can be used in ways such as:


      IN-ADDR-EX-OFFICIO lookups will be generated from _rec stubs.

      IPv11b (codename: "project rhombus") will ONLY permit UD names.

      (For a limited time, a purpose-constructed IPv8 will be used to maintain crossover compliance. The _scavenge flag must be set in the ORGN header.)


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