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Username: James Fleming
Date/Time: Mon, November 5, 2001 at 1:28 AM GMT
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Subject: Theres still time...


      ...for unforeseen events to allow Johnnie's spin-masters to make more hay (obvious egs: further attacks on US , any natural disaster in Oz {PS: Before the Tampa, I'd been "predicting" an earthquake or maybe major flood prior to the election - in times of sudden disaster the ruling party gains popularity and maintains its reign}).... or at least, thats a foreigner's take on events from afar.

      I'm currently posting from a balloon over the South Pacific.

      Up here, I am in the process of testing IFRACC's new Universal Domain system in my own Sovereign Kingdom.

      As most people now know, I'm heading toward Hawaii for my intimate encounters! (Mmmm mmm, pucker up ICANN!)

POLITICAL/HUMAN NATURE COMMENT: WRT Oz elections: The brilliant intellect of the common man again comes into play - "we've got a loser in charge, we all know he's trashed the place, he'll finish the job if we give him half a chance .... so - in tough times, go with whichever dumbass is at the wheel at the time (even if he's slumped over it, vomiting vodka, peering out at the cliff he's impalled the car on)! In this post sept-11 climate we couldnt risk putting someone who might fix things in charge - that would be bad luck, a jinx, naughty-naughty, offend the Gods or something!?!?" Just look at Mother Russia - keep Porous Yeltzin long enough to completely trash the place and give the keys to the mafia "because he's STRONG!". Most people want a "strong" leader (read: thick-headed oil-tanker who couldn't grasp the workings of a toaster without the help of the puppeteer). And if Lil Johnnie isnt as strong as he is honest, I'll go an extra round with Govinda!
BTW2: I dont think any PM of Australia has presided over more international laughter than Lil Johnnie, even the Taliban had a pack of international journalists laughing out loud at Oz! Indonesia's president wont even answer his phone calls, leading papers in the US get his name wrong - he's got greater presence than John Major!

PS: Anyone want anal-yses of their governments, feel free to request and Uncle Jiminy will oblige!

Global Citizen,

United in Greed

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