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Username: jman
Date/Time: Mon, November 5, 2001 at 6:39 AM GMT
Browser: AOL Browser V7.0 using Windows 98
Subject: In damnation of a really bad registrar...


I'm making a public confession here of how I allowed my myself to be suckered by a really lousy registrar.  I should have known better, but I let greed get the best of me.

During landrush, I pre-registered a bunch of names through ActiveISP.  I figured they would have a small queue to submit because (1) they claimed to be accepting only one pre-registration per name, (2) their pre-registration process was horribly cumbersome, and (3) they were listed on Afilias's web site as "pending authorization."  I asked them how they could accept pre-registrations if they weren't yet an authorized registrar.  They assured me in several e-mails that they were in fact fully authorized and that Afilias's web site had simply not been updated (plausible to say the least!).

After landrush, I found out from Afilias that ActiveISP was in fact still not authorized.  I confronted ActiveISP with this and asked for a refund of my pre-registration fees.  They finally admitted that they were not yet an authorized registrar and had submitted my pre-registrations through Speednames, i.e., the names were not uniquely submitted since Speednames accepted multiple registrations for names.

ActiveISP has kept my money and no longer responds to my e-mails.  This is a sleazy company and I advise you to stay away from them.

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