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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Mon, November 5, 2001 at 9:39 AM GMT
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Subject: Sanctions are NOT good enough


I wonder who will get the sanctions payment?

Looks to me, like spreading the spoils of crime.


I would say, those robbed under a fraudulant Sunrise and Landrush scheme.


Anybody want to buy some lottery tickets for my TLD?

It has one lottery for trademarks and one for normal people. Though I have no licence to run these lotteries, I do not believe that it violates any gambling laws.

The trademark gets priority over normal people - but normal people will not mind losing the right to use these words. I do not believe that it violates the First Amendment.

Of course, the normal people may be paying for a lottery that has no prize - as it had gone to the trademark. But I do not think that illegally fraudulant.

I will not check anything at all on each application, only the credit card number. But I do not think that criminally negligent.

Some may tell normal people to buy in trademark lottery - either because it is the only chance you will have to get a word, or to make more profit from you.

But you must not do that - it is supposed to be naughty. Even though I do not consider it incitement to commit trademark fraud - and what is wrong with corporate greed?

Some think it naughty that I can get to keep trademark words for myself and my friends can have any they want also. But I should not come under the same corrupt rules as you should I?

You may ask, Why should I be allowed to do these unlawful things?

To make more profit from you, of course.

Oh by the way - the name of my TLD will be .SCAM


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