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Username: James Fleming
Date/Time: Mon, November 5, 2001 at 11:02 AM GMT
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Subject: Whoa! In Greed we trust!


      Profit is the name of the game! Dont play if you dont like the rules.

      These systems are a necessary part of the beautiful and intricate web that is most often referred to as capitalism/the market economy/the global village/"Free trade".

      While anyone with the slightest regard for honesty, fair-play, common decency, etc, may cringe, the logical conclusion of globalized free trade is control by whoever has the most money now, and whoever is willing to do what it takes to make more in the future.

      In the marketplace, the biggest rewards go to those who can shamelessly cast aside sentimental notions of fairness.

It is the Duty of All Good Men to enforce our way of life - globally.
In Greed we Trust! 

United in Greed
Link: In Greed We Trust - check out this link

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