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Username: spot
Date/Time: Tue, November 6, 2001 at 3:46 AM GMT
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Subject: I think you misunderstand


Without wishing to drag this out, these talks which are irrelevant to this forum, I wish to apologise if I have upset you, and apologise to any anyone else who may have been offended at my comments. This shows how easy it is for people across borders to fall out.

I have many American friends and most of the Americans I have met have been charming decent people.

I just do not like your president. But get this into perspective- I'm not keen on our prime minister either. I tend to think politicians and governments as a whole are very corrupt, and cause a lot more more problems in the world than the actual people of the nations.

Please don't think that I am offending America, or Americans because this is not my meaning. If you wish to say something to me, let's at least not spoil this forum. I have chosen not to hide my email or identity.


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