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Username: Daniel Proebust
Date/Time: Tue, November 6, 2001 at 4:42 AM GMT
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Subject: i agree


              Don't even go there friend...Americans care deeply about George Bush...If you must believe everything you read then you are dumber than I thought...

George Bush is the only sitting president ever to hold an M.B.A
> and that makes him very smarter you - mba is always held by smart people (not just dumbass busines men who are to dumb to get real degree)

If your angered about the Kyoto treaty (if you are from the U.K) our congress voted it down a few years ago 99-1...President Clinton left this mess for President Bush...It never had a chance...

If you don't like the way he is handling the terrorism efforts in Afghanistan, then you are the type of person who thinks, that maybe these people will go away...Wishful thinking my friend...Past presidents, even his Bush #41 shied away from doing things that were unpleasant...This isn't pleasant but a necessary evil *War*....
> dead rigte man - we need to bomb everyone who dont agree us

If you think he isn't intellectual, then forget that argument, we've heard that before.  I'll grant you he isn't the best B.S'r in the world, but I'd rather have someone speak the truth, then get double-talk and downright garbage thrown at you....
> i like way Bush speaks - in lots of small bits, with long pauses. his speech riters are better than anyon sinse Keneddy!

BTW:  The United States Led by George Bush is one of the greatest countries this world has ever seen.
> you beileve it! it chagned overnight when he won election.

  When you speak ill of our president, you speak ill will on all of us.
> we are president

  When trouble pops up America is there.  Where was the "World" when the former Yugolslavia president was slaughtering innocent civilians...hmmm...Where was the "World" during the Tiannamen Square incident...We were there to be the first to condemn the actions taken against the students.  Where was world when the warring tribes in Rwanda began to slaughter innocent civilians....Where were they?  Mogidishu, Haiti, France, England, South Africa...Who pays Russia, and Pakistan to keep their nuclear warheads safe??  American Taxpayers....Support that comes from the President of the United States....Who is the biggest contributor to aid to Afghanistan??  The American Taxpayers...Guess what...for the most part we do not mind.  That is our nature.  However our support is directly related what our president thinks...He has to make the case...So far for example in this war on terrorism, President Bush has had to give us a reason to go to war...He made a compelling argument in front of national T.V on September the 24th....He has a 80 percent approval rating...He has the "moral authority" to conduct military operations...He is the president of the united states and has not for a minute taken this job lightly.  Sorry if we are not bending over these days...That is what I have heard anyways, why George Bush is not liked...
>America america america!

Do you realize that America is far more united and patriotic now more than ever since President Bush became president.
Even before September 11th...We thought he handled the China crises very adeptly...He has handled the economic crises fairly well given that the global economy was starting to trend downward even before he got into office. 

I am sorry to put my next comment this way, but you have "hit a very deep nerve" with me...You are a piece of shit since you speak of something you know nothing about.  Come out from your troll moniker, and give us your real name "spot"...What kind of person signs his/her name with "spot"????  A dumb ass, that's who!
>Spot ass!     


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