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Username: InternetAdvocate
Date/Time: Wed, November 7, 2001 at 12:22 AM GMT (Tue, November 6, 2001 at 5:22 PM PDT)
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Subject: John Byth, alias Antipodes, is very Blythe, urr, blithe about dullardness.


"I defy anyone to say that G.W. is not a dullard who would be flat out finding his arse with a torch, map and compass."

Antipodes loves finding his arse with a torch, map and compass, and then speaking through it?

Antipodes is a twat for believing liberal media propaganda.

Here's the truth:
1. G.W.Bush is smart.  He has a masters degree from a major Ivy League university.
2. Al Gore dropped out of graduate school twice.

1 : of a happy lighthearted character or disposition
2 : lacking due thought or consideration : CASUAL, HEEDLESS blithe unconcern.

Internet Advocate
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