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Username: spot
Date/Time: Wed, November 7, 2001 at 12:50 AM GMT
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Subject: My criticism is not spotless and I welcome a spot of criticism.


>>You are a twat for believing liberal media propaganda.

I did not believe any liberal propaganda. I heard about the fiasco on independent UK news channels. The main message I got from the whole thing was just further confirmation of how corrupt the US political system is, and I think everyone's experience of ICANN and Afilias would echo that.

>>1. G.W.Bush is smart.  He has a masters degree from a major Ivy League university.

You don't need to be smart to get a master's degree. Especially if you're corrupt and have money. You can pay for excellent quality assignments to be written for you. He must be a bit smarter than I gave him credit for though- I didn't realize he had some people so wrapped round his little finger...

>>2. Al Gore dropped out of graduate school twice.

??? Not sure why you're telling me that.

>>3. Al Gore never accused Bush of cheating.

I understood that there was mistrust from both sides over this issue. If I am wrong, I apologise and stand corrected. I will check with a third party, as I am more interested in the facts, rather than winning the argument.

>>4. Al Gore tried to steal the election.  [ and]

I really have no idea who was cheating who, and neither do you probably. Yet, I am sure both sides are full of corruption, as it is so rife in business and politics today in the Western world.

>>5. The U.S. Supreme Court defended the Constitution 7-2 but split 5-4 on the remedy.


>>6. The American people had plenty of choices.

No, they had one choice of two people. This is as little choice as the definition of the word choice allows for. And in fact my posting was to explain that this is why I do not discredit anyone for the way they vote.

>>7. America's political system is better than any other in the entire world.

You haven't conducted a study of that and you're biased. I seriously doubt it as your potential leaders are limited to the few who can afford the huge media campaign. Your presidents buy their way in. Having said that the systems other countries use are often no better.

>>8. Americans are more charitable than any other people in the entire world.

The Americans I have met have been mostly very nice people. I believe they are a very charitable nation. The most charitable people I ever met personally were a Cypriot family who were truly angels.

However I would not say any nation is the most charitable in the world, as it is impossible to quantify- the poor man who gives what little he has is far more charitable than the rich man who gives great riches at little cost to himself. You'd be surprised how may countries believe they are the most charitable in the world.

Indidentally your invitation to people to email me about my 'ignorant egotism' serves as no weopon against me. For a start why did I choose to give a hotmail account, when I'm clearly a buyer of domains? It's dispensible.

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