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Username: mole
Date/Time: Wed, November 7, 2001 at 7:51 AM GMT
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Subject: whahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... is "frozen"


      Dear .biz Requester:

VeriSign understands the personal and professional significance
of having a unique online presence. It's our pledge to keep you
completely informed about the status of your .biz domain name

As you may be aware, the Superior Court of Los Angeles, CA,
issued a preliminary injunction on October 11th temporarily
preventing the activation of certain .biz domain names.
Consequently, the .biz Registry, NeuLevel, has "frozen" any
domain names where:

  1) Multiple Domain Name Applications (DNAs) were submitted for
     the same domain name by one individual.

  2) DNAs were submitted for the same domain name by multiple

  3) One or more Trademark Notification (TN) claims and at least
     one DNA were submitted for the same domain name.

For any "frozen" domain names, the registrant has not been
selected and NeuLevel has not yet announced when the random
selection of registrants will begin. In addition, NeuLevel has
not stated how the frozen names will or will not appear in the
.biz WHOis database. The .biz domain names you requested that
have been "frozen" are listed at the end of this email.

VeriSign is committed to giving you everything you need for
success on the Web. We'll post any updates we receive from
NeuLevel at If you have
any specific questions or concerns about NeuLevel's domain
"freezing" process, please visit or e-mail them

Best regards,

VeriSign, Inc.


"Frozen" Domain Name(s):


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