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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Thu, November 8, 2001 at 11:52 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Subject: A question to answer your question:  How long have we had phone #'s????


  I think some element of the DNS may change....I registered Voice.web through Image Online Design for that particular reason (I am building a voice "web" whereby I could rent "voice command websites" (VCWs) to people. They could point individuals to "their" voice site, for ordering stuff, getting info, etc....The hardware involved would be too expensive for a person to build their own "voice site" so they could come to me, and pay a monthly fee....
Nothing new here, the twist, is these sites would be "voice enabled".....The catch is people would still use a domain name to have people get to the site (see below for futher explanation)

My opinion is because domain names have become an integral part of the internet landscape it will be difficult to make that change.  Right now if I want a family member to find a site I built I either tell them the URL address or email them the link.... 

My feeling is right now we are in the era of the "silent" internet....much like movies were back in the 20's....I can see using a domain name to get to the site (like you would a phone # today), then use voice commands to go to different parts of the website....That seems more plausible....Much like you calling your credit card company, and use voice commands to get balance information.....However you will find most of us are so lazy, (and because of habit), clicking around a site (in silence) is just as easy....and will make surfing at work safe...(when you are supposed to be working)

Does that answer your question???  Good thought provoking question BTW..

For Jim F:  Because I know you are going to respond, yes "3d" forms of communication are included in the above scenario... Our problem right now is bandwidth, and it's cost...I have postulated a theory to recognize "Quantum light" potential to "surf" the net....I will save that for a different day....Stick with the "IvP8" scenarios for now...


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