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Username: Srana
Date/Time: Fri, November 9, 2001 at 12:12 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0b using Windows 98
Subject: The Domainzoo/Regland Mystery!


                John, I recieved a number of confusing Emails in August from Regland and Domainzoo

6 August from DOMAINZOO
"Dear Customer: has been selected to submit your .info & .biz pre-registrations during the "Land Rush Period" prior to the public launch of .info and .biz."

15 August from DOMAINZOO

"CLARIFICATION: would like to apologize for any confusing and unauthorized emails you may have received regarding your Pre-registered .info and .biz domains. An unauthorized email was issued claiming that had made an Error. We at would like to clarify that there has not been an error and that we do in fact, have an agreement with Regland to submit .info & .biz pre-registrations for actual registration prior to the public launch of these new gTLDs.

Please be assured, as an ICANN accredited registrar for .info & .biz we intend to process your previously submitted order for actual registration.  However, due to all the confusion we would like you to confirm your request and to authorize your credit card charge."

27 August from REGLAND

"The DomainZoo email was in error. is NOT out of business. has completed agreements with multiple registrars to get your names submitted for registration.

DomainZoo is submitting a total of FOUR (4) applications for EACH of your Pre-registrations which have already been paid for by


IF you visited DomainZoo's site and were charged, ALL charges made by DomainZoo prior to this email in conjunction with RegLand customers, will be voided.

There was a GROSS misunderstanding between the DomainZoo CEO and his management staff in charge of handling the submissions, the email that went out and the process in general.

1. Please disregard all PRIOR emails from DomainZoo as they are completely in error.

2. If you visited the DomainZoo site because of the PRIOR email and entered your credit card and you were charged a fee, ALL FEES CHARGED BY DOMAINZOO PRIOR TO THIS MESSAGE WILL BE VOIDED IN THEIR ENTIRETY.

3. You will receive an official apology letter from the CEO of DomainZoo.  The apology letter will also confirm that any charges made by DomainZoo prior to this email will be voided.

4. Following the apology letter, you will receive a corrected email that will contain correct information and instructions on how to confirm your pre-registration (NO FEES WILL BE CHARGED FOR YOUR REGLAND PRE-REGISTRATIONS).  You will receive a total of FOUR (4) applications for EACH of your RegLand pre-registrations (which amount to four "chances" to get the domain name you want) from DomainZoo AT NO CHARGE TO YOU.  You will be required to enter a valid credit card, but this will ONLY be charged upon a SUCCESSFUL DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION when you gain actual USE of the domain name.  If your domain name is NOT successfully registered, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED and your credit card information will be deleted immediately."

30 August from DOMAINZOO

"If you received an unauthorized email which stated that we made an "error" then please disregard it. did not issue that email, which was issued without our consent.  However,  please be assured it did not affect your order."

- In the end I didn't get an apology letter from the CEO of Domainzoo, they said no mistake had been made and kept my money.  I am now just waiting for access to my .info account when they finally get round to giving me a User ID and password.



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