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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Fri, November 9, 2001 at 10:23 PM GMT
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Subject: Regland and Cydian - were we scammed as part of the corrupt


culture which surrounded the awarding of the .info registry to Afilias Ltd. and the fraud perpetrated on the Internet community by the registry and apparently most of Afilias's approved registrars and affiliated registrars? 

I look at my records of .info preregistration purchases and wonder why only four of 12 registrars I used to purchase preregs in "one-name- once-only" cueues were successful in registering .info Landrush names for me.

PSI-Japan registered 7, Parava Networks/$10 Names 3, DomainBank 2, and Names4ever 1.

I have to add that I only purchased preregs in one-name-once-only cueues, and bought no more preregs after the first email from Spyproductions announced that the .info launch was corrupted and that every Landrush applicant was likely to be disappointed with the cybersquatting that was inevitable in the .info Sunrise phase.

I am seeking confirmation that Regland and Cydian achieved .info Landrush registrations for their customers.

I give Regland and Cydian the opportunity to direct me to successful .info Landrush registrations which they achieved for their customers.

From my own experience - 4 out of 12 registrars were successful and were obviously doing things right - but I have the feeling that money spent with many registrars was a complete waste of money as there was never a chance that preregistrations with them would lead to a registration.

I suspect that some took money for one-name-once-only cueues, then submitted preregistrations to the non-exclusive cueues of other companies.  I suspect that others simply didn't cueue preregistrations.

The Internet community could have expected better from the registry Afilias Ltd. and the governing authority ICANN who oversaw so many scams.

I think it is apparent that nothing is likely to change this corrupt culture until a change of personnel replaces the current culture with one which is accountable and ethical.

I will be grateful for contact from Cydian and Regland and their customers for information regarding these company's performances.



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