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Username: spot
Date/Time: Sat, November 10, 2001 at 1:49 AM GMT
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Subject: They're all in it together - Afilias, ICANN, the DoC. CORRUPTION at its most blatent..


It's bloody obvious by now. The scale of the fraud is MASSIVE. It's been on major news broadcasts. Yet the 'accountable' ICANN has not even batted an eyelid. They don't even feel the need to make an announcement about it. ICANN is allowing it, and Afilias is getting away with it.The DoC are aware of the situation and choose to keep out of it.

What we have here is a large scale network of CORRUPT people. Corrupt individuals in powerful positions sticking together empowered by silence and a refusal to communicate.

Why would ICANN let Afilias behave so apallingly? Why would the overseeing body let a smug bunch of shits behave apallingly, rip off tens of thousands of prereg's, behave incompetently (delays and TM validation)and even allow the board of directors to fraudulently obtain top domains? All of this should be embarrasing for ICANN, so why is it that in their position of supreme power they have allowed this to take place at every step of the way? Why does ICANN keep a vow of silence when we question them, therefore covering up for Afilias? Why has ICANN let it get to the stage where a huge part of its accountability - its public forums - are crammed full of messages pinpointing the corruption of ICANN? There can only be one answer. They are also benefiting from it. They are in it up to their neck. They are all giving eachother backward handshakes.

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