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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sat, November 10, 2001 at 11:29 AM GMT
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Subject: How dare Afilias sell these domain names for a THIRD time?


So Roland la Plante triumphantly announces that Afilias will challenge and re-sell 10000 Sunrise names?

That constitutes 20% of total Sunrise names, whereas laPlante previously said the number of fakes was under 5%, and of course Afilias will be missing thousands of names which "look" genuine but in fact have made-up Trademark details.

What is really outrageous is that the same names have made money:
(a) at pre-registration
(b) at Sunrise (half of the applications made by Afilias executives or directors)
(c) will now make money for a third time.

Robert Connor's widely-supported "Domebase" solution would, of course, have avoided the need to sell these domains all over again, and would have protected the interests of customers in category (a)

Afilias's failure to implement this obvious solution (because, of course, they could then go on and get a third round of sales for the same name) was reprehensible.

Will Afilias state clearly why they failed to implement the solution which would have protected everyone except the fraudsters?

No they won't.

Because they have no reason except their naked greed and the greed of their inside circle of corrupt Registrars.

From this I exclude those honest registrars like Robert Connolly of PSI japan and Jim Archer of RegistrationTek who have spoken out against what has happened. There are others too.

But Afilias has, for many like me, become synonymous with naked greed.

What right has Afilias to propose these 10000 names are sold a third time, when over 5000 of them were stolen from pre-registrants who applied first, by the applications made by Hal Lubsen's company and Afilias Board registrar Speednames?

The "Domebase" solution would have solved much more.        


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