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Date/Time: Sat, November 10, 2001 at 1:25 PM GMT
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Subject: You mean "why didnt Johnnie's ilk get rid of the last 1%?" ?


      Unfortunately John Howard isnt a strong leader, he's an expertly manipulated puppet (he does a few thoughts of his own, though -eg: in the seventies, when the Aussie parliament was voting on whether to accept Vietnamese boat people, the entire parliament voted yes. The whole lot! Everyone, that is, except for one man. John Winston Howard. His position was based on a fundamental fear of the "unknown" {and for him, most things are unknown and mysterious}, and not on the basis of security or even any slightly sensible reason - and there certainly were reasons at least worth considering).
      John Howard is, unfortunately, the front man for a group of behind-the-times heavy duty post-Thatcherites. Those who believe the poor Aussies would be better of if they went back to the days of Dickens.
      In terms of intellect, he is a rather simple-minded lawyer, with a lot less charm than George Bush. He has, however, a great grasp on what strings to pull for the (very, very) common man to think he is sincere, strong and a good leader.
      Many of this forum's participants, however, would share his fundamental belief that the way to success is through greed and envy.
      John Howard and his friends simply wouldn't have a clue about why the last 1% of Australia may be worth saving. He doesnt even understand that the country may have to _think_ for its future.

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