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Username: GettingScrewed
Date/Time: Sat, November 10, 2001 at 6:05 PM GMT
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Subject: You're Fooling Yourself ...


        Big deal, "stood up to ICANN".  So does everybody who takes advantage of their "open mike" time at ICANN meetings.  Standing up to ICANN doesn't take much more than a little public speaking practice. is now in a feeding frenzy, creating new extensions by the dozens.  Last time I checked, they had 79 extensions.  That doesn't bode well for their chances of being recognized as a serious applicant for a new TLD. 

In my opinion, they're screwing those customers who bought in early, back when they started with only 20 extensions ... which was pushing the envelope. 

I'm one of their customers, and now feel like is nothing but a joke.  I bought in not knowing there would be 60 ADDITIONAL extensions, only a few months later.  Why would anyone buy that crap now, knowing could claim hundreds or thousands of extensions over the next year. 

All that and only a fraction of internet users have the ability to see those extensions.  All that and all you have to do is download a plug-in, or be limited to particular ISPs.  Whoopee!  Four or five years from now, (after that many renewals), MAYBE they'll have the userbase ICANN has now.  Now, I knew that upfront.  What I didn't know was that they would flood their market with 4 times as many extensions as when they started. 

In my opinion, they fucked their customers.  The names I bought at the beginning are fairly worthless now, even the generics.  I probably won't bother renewing them. 

Not to mention the latest extension is being handed out for free!  That's right, for free!  No free offerings to the customers who enabled them to stay in business, but to large corporations who pay millions of dollars to make movies, but are handed a $35.00 domain name, for free, to help promote their movies.  Allthewhile, most customers are working hard for a living, spending hard-earned money.  I don't give a shit how successful they become, it's an insult to their customers, and I'll not give such a company another nickel.



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