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Username: onmove
Date/Time: Sat, November 10, 2001 at 8:01 PM GMT
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      I had pre-registered .info names during landrush period with  To their credit, it must be said that they did not charge any pre-registration fees.  As the results of landrush period were coming in, I had to change my credit card information.  After I sent them a few e-mails and fax messages, they informed me that it was not possible to change credit card information and the names will be deleted.  Believe me on that day, I literary went out of my mind.  When posters on this forum were sharing about landrush results, I was going through the nightamare.  I have been posting on this forum since July 2000. Like every one else on this forum, I was working on .info for months.  Then we went through sunrise period and its pains.  And, now when it was time to move on, my own registrar was trying to deprive me of my names. I requested them, reasoned with them but nothing would move them.  I corresponded with one of the prominent posters on this forum.  He was surprised and told me this was a normal practice and it was my right to advise which credit card will be charged.  To cut the long story short, after giving one more chance to to see reason, I lodged complaint with ICANN.  The effect was dramatic. Next day, I received an e-mail from that they will not delete the names and registrants will be given chance to advise new credit card information.  This forum has agreed that credit must be given where it is due.  I sincerely thank ICANN for their timely help. sent me e-mail on October 18 that they will not delete the names and they will charge the credit card.  They have not done it so far. I have sent them two e-mails enquiring as to when they will charge my credit card.  No reply.  Names are in my account.  Some one may say "so what is the problem, you got the names.  They will debit when they want"  True.  But, it is not very happy situation where you get up everyday in the morning and check whether your credit card has been debited and the names are in your account.  It is poosible they are occupied or they have other priorities.  But, the absence of communication creates uncertainty and given their initial stand some apprehention.

Sorry, it was bit too long.  I thought this community has right to know the facts.



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