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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sat, November 10, 2001 at 10:56 PM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.74 using Windows 98
Subject: a call for ICANN to break its rules and announce inside its


        six months embargo on public announcements that it is taking action against the principals of Afilias and its registrars for responsiblity for the events of the .info Sunrise - 1) failure to adhere to its undertaking detailed in its .info bid document to take the necessary measures to prevent TM fraud and cybersquatting; 2) 10,000 or more instances of cybersquatting; 3) profiting from the registration of 10,000 or more fraudulent Sunrise applications requiring applicants to hold qualifying TMs; 4) profiting from the sale of Landrush preregistrations while accepting payment for fraudulent Sunrise applications for the same names; 5) failure to deal with Landrush applicants in a responsible, accountable and ethical manner after the event of fraudulent Sunrise registrations, namely, to give standing to Landrush applicants at the time of the distribution of challenged Sunrise registrations - or - failure to ensure the refunding of all fees paid by Landrush applicants for names fraudulently registered in Sunrise phase; 6) failure to note while hand checking registrar applications that TM details were fraudulent and that some registrars were exceeding the number of registrations permitted by ICANN; 7) failure to ensure that registrars were not accepting payment from Landrush and bona fide Sunrise applicants for names Registrar Reserved or simply being registered by registrars in their own name; 7) failure to take action when instances of abuse of public trust we made common knowledge, namely, a) the removal of BoD member Govinda Leopold and the cancellation of her fraudulent .info registrations, and b) cancellation of fraudulent registrar registrations and fines imposed for each instance of abuse of trust.

It is apparent that the current principals of Afilias are operating the new .info registry in a manner contrary to the long term welfare or benefit of the Internet and the Internet community.

The current principals of Afilias appear to have established a corrupt culture as demonstrated by Afilias's amnesia concerning Landrush applicants, the manner in which they (don't) communicate with their customers, and the way in which some .info registrars were permitted to behave like used car salesmen, which puts honest members of the Internet community at financial risk and have diminished public trust in registries, registrars and ICANN.

If there are honest and responsible members of ICANN, please make a public statement indicating that ICANN does not approve of the way in which the .info launch has been handled, and that ICANN plans the most stringent actions and penalties against the Afilias principals responsible for bringing the registry, a great many registrars and ICANN into disrepute.

Please ICANN, take action to reestablish public trust in your institution and bring changes to the operation of Afilias so that it will not always be a name synonymous with greed and incompetence.


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