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Username: EricMoodie
Date/Time: Sun, November 11, 2001 at 3:30 AM GMT
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Subject: Look, I am NOT Jim Flemming GODDAMIT


Right >

I know most of the posters and me have not gotten off to the best of starts. It's been a rocky period in my life: of shouting, name-calling, sulking, and a love-hate-love relationship that can never resolve itself (not unlike one too many domain names I don't care to mention).

But I really do have a serious point to say. I think what you're all doing is absolutely precious. Admirable even. What my point is simply this: what will posting on a forum that has become overcluttered with rubbish (OK, shucks, I'm not exaclty helping now am I?!!!) actually do to alleviate the problem?

We need action people. Action. Real action. Not just cyber action - although I'll admit that I don't mind the occasional bit of cyber action. We need people to march the streets, picket lines, and barrage congress with calls and housecalls. We need to get the message to the citizens of the world about what is going on!!!

MAN! We need to hire private investigators, get some dodgy policemen to frame the culprits, bribe juries. Do whatever it takes until Justice is served.

I love this country and everything it stands for. Don't let the Bin Ladens of the world let it be encapsulated in bondage for ever.

Oh, and I want the IPv8 system to work. I really do.

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