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Username: EricMoodie
Date/Time: Sun, November 11, 2001 at 8:51 AM GMT
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Subject: Au contraire, mon ami


The whole supposed registrar insider dealing that is allegedly going on with all the registries (if the rants of this board are anything to be believed) epitomises the very essense of capitalism, actually.

Why were the new extensions developed anyway? To make more money.
Why were registrars given free license to take in as many registrations as possible and charge whatever they wanted? To make more money.
Why is WIPO charging exorbitant fees to challenge TMs? To make more money.
Why will 10,000 more names be challenged come 2002? To make more money.
Why were Sunrise 'fraudsters' allowed to register TMs that obviously weren't theirs? Why is Afilias itself supposedly offering for sale at $99K ? I really could go on and on ...

I liken this whole supposed Trademark "Fraud" fiasco to leaving a bank vault open in a busy street, and then planting cops around the corner. Afilias made it so easy for this to happen but of course, they were always in cohoots with WIPO so it's a win-win for itself and its pals in Switzerland.

And on the subject of "FRAUD" as you call it, is legally only "FRAUD" when you are using a document for legal or financial statement/asserting purposes, so perhaps we should just call them Sunrise fibbers?

But you know what? If it wasn't for 'cybersquatters' at all, we wouldn't be having the need for more extensions. Squatters make the supply of this silly artificial resource exceed supply, thus making the names themselves more valuable.

If this truly was a fascist and/or communist system (not dissimilar to the huge restrictions in Australia for instance), then we wouldn't even be here and you wouldn't be reading this exceptionally long winded piece of shite. Yes, the almighty dolero amigos - it's what capitalism and domain names are all about.

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