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Username: spot
Date/Time: Mon, November 12, 2001 at 7:23 AM GMT
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Subject: This presents an interesting development.


I had always thought that you had to be seen to be doing something with the domain to prove 'legitimate interest' in the domain. This case found that the defendent was not violating another prerequisite -registering in bad faith, as he had not done anything with it.

I suspect this case is something of a one-off. I won't be following this example with any of my domains. I think it's too risky.

I believe the the best advice to avoid these disputes (apart form not registering the name - which you have a right to anyway) is to put a up something - maybe just a few pages just to suggest legitimate interest in the name and don't contact any large corps who may be interested in it, or lay claim to it, as they probably meet the first prerequisite and this could be construed as bad faith. 


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