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Username: InternetAdvocate
Date/Time: Tue, November 13, 2001 at 12:32 AM GMT (Mon, November 12, 2001 at 5:32 PM PDT)
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Subject: Bush REALLY DID win. Dimple chads are abstentions, not votes.


The lib media counted dimple chads as votes.  Dimple chads result from a change-of-mind during the voting process when a voter decides to abstain after starting to vote for a candidate. 

If you count dimple chads as votes, then you disenfranchise voters who wanted to abstain on a particular office while voting on other offices.

Dimple chads also can result from fraud, by stacking two or more ballots together and punching holes in them all simultaneously, thus resulting in dimple chads in the bottom ballot.

Note to the clueless: each voter shall vote only one ballot per election, not two, three, four, five or more ballots.  Duh!
Subtract all dimple chads from the lib media's analysis of the votew total.  Then you see that Bush had more votes than Gore in Florida.  Thus, Bush won Florida and thus the electoral college.

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Link: Bush Wins 2000 Election Yet Again

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