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Username: psbyowner
Date/Time: Thu, November 15, 2001 at 5:58 PM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.7 using Windows 98
Subject: Generic .info names starting to generate limited traffic...


Greetings. I have found that my generic .info terms are starting to get some, if limited, type-ins. Is anyone else getting favorable if any results on their web stats?

I think of all the crap out there, .info is the only one worth its salt. I am not pumping .info (I own less than 20, well selected names). However, I don't think that generic term variations in .info will amount to anything in the near term.

And dot biz? I don't believe that .biz will be very useful to webmasters, because the random type-in probability figures to be low because of the business condition. The value of a domain name is (and only is) the potential traffic it generates. The antiquated model of a domain name being valuable because of its potential as a business venture is obsolete. If a name generates no random type-ins by web users, there is no tangible value that can be assigned to it.

This is why is nothing. There is absolutely NO PROBABILITY that someone will type one of these numerous alternate extensions in the hopes of finding content on the web. Most web surfers type domain names into browsers to randomly seek out information on a topic. These random searches are proven to be primarily in .com and .org. All in All, I am pleased that .info is starting to show some signs of life.

Domain Name Investors: If you have not gotten generic terms in .biz or .info, just forget domain names. Buy junk bonds or penny stocks: they are a better investment than the boiler room or buying up phrase variations and search terms in .biz and .info...

Good Luck and dont bet the farm.


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