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Date/Time: Fri, November 16, 2001 at 3:46 PM GMT (Fri, November 16, 2001 at 10:46 AM EST)
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Subject: The true state of e-commerce (excerpt from an IW article)


        The Interactive 500 is more than a list of which companies generated the most hard dollars from their web operations in the past year. It's also Interactive Week's annual checkup on the state of e-commerce. And this year, surprisingly, the health of the online economy appears to be a lot better than most people think.

Yes, some 330 Internet companies ceased operations in the first half of the year. And some of the dot-goners such as Quokka Sports and had prime positions on the two previous Interactive 500 listings. Other former Interactive 500 companies, such as DLJdirect, have been merged out of existence. And whole Internet groupings such as the independent e-marketplace sector that made such a strong showing on last year's Interactive 500 are being battered.

So where's the good news? The aggregate revenue of this year's Interactive 500 is a downright jaw-dropping $378.38 billion more than double last year's total of $183.56 billion. Many of the dot-coms on the list are profitable, and traditional businesses continue to be a dominating presence on Interactive Week's annual ranking of e-commerce powerhouses.

Indeed, just about every metric shows e-commerce is growing, becoming more profitable and, for many traditional companies, a sharp competitive edge. Properly mastered, that edge can cut new paths to online opportunity.



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