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Username: psbyowner
Date/Time: Fri, November 16, 2001 at 5:10 PM GMT
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Subject: This I understand....


      But the idea of a domain name holding any value because of potential business ventures is obsolete due to the tech meltdown, and the demonstrated inability of the majors to reach profitability.

Indirectly (marketing, eyeballs, and distinct users) or directly (e-commerce), operating a website should support itself financially. If it does not, one would have to justify the expenses of having a website in the first place. This is reality...

Domains cost money. Web operations cost money. Server and hosts cost money. Domain name renewals and upkeep costs alot of money. For street guys, web operations are not automatically funded like with government agencies.

Non profits and businesses buy domain names to market their business: that is true and understood. But to imply there is a VALUE to assign to these names when they have no real, tangible value is unrealistic. A value exists only when significant dollars have been invested into the name, where it generates more traffic than it would have originally.

There is simply no way to get around this profit model.

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