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Username: spot
Date/Time: Sat, November 17, 2001 at 10:21 AM GMT
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Subject: Restricted tlds for TMs


Very similarly in the UK we have for limited companies. The domain MUST BE IDENTICAL to the limited company, and since limited companies must have unique words, this makes sense. They don't really get used - probably because most people haven't heard of the domain, so companies are unwilling to use them in case they went to the equivalent instead.

Your suggestions about TMs would also work since you have proposed a hierarchical structure enabling registrants of the same TM in different classes to distinguish themselves whilst retaining a domain with verifiable TM legitimacy.

But I suspect this is not being done, simply because if it were done and it were open knowledge that companies with TMs would have a .reg, it would make it harder for companies to argue that someone using a domain for which they have a TM, was passing off as them.

I think companies like the thick smokescreen hanging over IP issues because it enables them to get away with STEALING until the law has been sufficiently developed to catch up with technological developments. Even when it does catch up, it seems that things are grossly biased towards big businesses. I think we can expect this in a society that is becoming more capitalist, because by definition that means more control by business and less by government. 

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