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Username: psbyowner
Date/Time: Fri, November 23, 2001 at 6:32 PM GMT
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Subject: Darwinian Natural Selection


      First, we need to aknowledge that life is based on all forms of Profit Potential and Equity Acquisition (PPEA). Profit potential is not just making money; there are many forms of "profiting" (we can argue this point all day: but it takes money to operate web servers and to grease politicians).

On a global scale, things exist because one way or another they increase value. Let us apply this theory of PPEA to the foundation of our natural, earthly order: Food Consumption.

Birds have long beaks and short beaks, based upon their needs of acquiring food. Birds with obsolete beak structure die off because they cannot access insects or seeds efficiently, while birds with greater beak adaptability continue to exist and prosper...

This principle can be applied to domain names. .info, .com, and .org have a greater "disposition" for generating random internet traffic from the general public. The business community (.com and .org now, .info close behind) will eventually adapt and realize that alternate domain name extensions (such as .biz, .cc, .to, .tv, et. al) have no tangible value, because they lack the inate ability to generate randon type-in traffic.


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