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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Mon, November 26, 2001 at 11:18 PM GMT
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Subject: silenced, Vint.........


Hi Pawel

I have the site backed up and safe but I have been obliged to take it down for the time being because of a couple of legal threats, which I am taking advice on. I hope to have it back up once I have assurance that my own legal position is safe.

I've had numerous threats over the past 3 months but these two needed a little closer attention. I am not an "industry insider" and I have a family and three small kids to bring up, so it got to the point where I needed to stop and take measures to protect myself.

I am still recording every step of the way for any future legal action against ICANN or Afilias, and I have one other initiative which I am developing involving certain American politicians. If I can be of any assistance to regular correspondents who have established their credentials on this forum or in other ways with me, then don't hesitate to get in touch and I hope I can help you.

I still have the original database of the 50000+ Sunrise frauds, courtesy of an insider, and obviously I shall continue to monitor the actions of Afilias in the lead up to their THIRD sale of these same domain names. I am also very interested in the stories, accounts, data, e-mails etc of everyone who has had an involvement in what Afilias's own Director, Robert Connelly, called the "abomination" of this Sunrise fraud.

While I am posting, I may as well repeat my question (which I have repeatedly asked Vint Cerf, Hal Lubsen, the ICANN team, the Afilias executive - with absolutely NO answer and the deafening silence of the indicted):

What right has Afilias Board member Govinda Leopold got to hold onto, which she obtained through false Trademark details, and to deprive the rest of the Internet community of this name?

She knows it is falsely registered. She knows she has no right to it. She knows Afilias has a contractual obligation to make the names it administers "available" to the worldwide public... and she is STILL sitting on it. (And on and

So why has Vint Cerf failed to answer this enquiry?

Why has Govinda Leopold and her company 1stDomainNet not released the fake name?

Why has Afilias done nothing?

Why is the name being cybersquatted by one of Afilias's own Directors when the rest of the world should have the right to it?

It's now public and open and laughable!

It's now months and months and she has not had the name deleted and released.

But more staggering is the failure of ICANN to even monitor, police and respond in this case. Never mind enforce! They don't even bother to respond! Why???

And what about the 5000+ names which Speednames and DomainBank applied for, to the profitable tune of $500,000? All of which are fake. Including dates of 1899 or "NONE" data in all fields? And all of which the original applicants have admitted are false or even requested are deleted.

The only people stopping the release of these names to the public are the Afilias executive and Board member who run those two registrar companies. Between Speednames and Hal Lubsen's DomainBank, their applications accounted for over half the total reported fake names at Sunrise.

And yet they took all that money and abused (and continue to abuse) their own Afilias system.

Well all this is history, as they say, but I would say that by the time these facts and many others are fully publicised (because these facts are not going away) the status and role of some of those named here will be irreparably damaged.

Because their inaction or complicity in fraud is indefensible.

Vint Cerf has hidden away from this, his own organisation's forum, for months on end. He doesn't dare enter into dialogue. He hides behind cryptic generalised statements in obscure occasional e-mails. But he never has had the courage or honesty to respond in detail to any of the fair, thoughtful, and reasonable concerns expressed month after month here... even when invited.

Vint - OF COURSE this message will be read by you or brought to your attention. Besides, I have wriiten long and detailed e-mails to you explaining the reasonable concerns and allegations of ordinary internet users.

But you won't reply will you?

The "father of the internet" has run off and abandoned the internet family. Those who depended and trusted in him are left undefended.

Unless you have the courtesy and courage to come on this forum in person, and answer direct concerns in detail, then I for one will conclude in my own opinion that ICANN is corrupt.

It will be an entirely rational conclusion. And the facts when they are clearly set out will make this as clear as day. In my opinion.     


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