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Username: RayF
Date/Time: Tue, November 27, 2001 at 6:30 PM GMT
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Subject: renewal date


      but there is movement....the clock is ticking.  From what I can see, each of the "Registry/Registrar" (disputed) domains carry an expiry date of 11/18/2003.  Why not just hold them and let them all expire at the same time?  (do the whole thing over again) Or perhaps just those in group 1, which appear to be causing neulevel the most grief.  Perhaps an auction instead of a lottery come 11/18/03?

Maybe this is all too deep.  Maybe neulevel does not even know yet what they are going to do.  It could just be the simple fact that sometime between Nov 7 and Nov 18 somebody at neulevel had the profound thought that the longer the delay in getting these disputed names into the registry (somehow) the longer the delay in establishing the renewal date...they might not be able to tell you the registrant of record, but they can tell you the next date they will be paid for it (pretty important if you happen to be in the TLD registry business).



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