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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Tue, November 27, 2001 at 8:51 PM GMT
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Subject: desperate times call for desperate measures


Whatever the obvious technical and public relations deficiencies of Afilias Ltd., observers of the Afilias .info launch fiasco could never say the principals of Afilias and those in ICANN who approved the Afilias Registry Agreement lacked daring.

The sort of daring it takes to orchestrate a public launch plan which incorporates insider income generating opportunities such as: 1) being so aware of and so concerned about the likelihood of TM fraud, that the safeguards outlined in Afilias's registry bid document were  omitted from the ICANN/Afilias Registry Agreement; 2) preparedness to process fraudulent Sunrise applications of an Afilias Director and numerous registrars; 3) simultaneously selling preregistrations to Sunrise frauds and Landrush applicants for the same names; 4) charging bona fide Sunrise applicants to undo the fraud aided and abetted by the Registry; 5) offering the defrauded Sunrise applicants no compensation for their time, energy and money lost in a launch designed and promoted as an opportunity to cheat the honest members of the Internet community(think of SpyProductions and others); 6) unwillingness to communicate effectively with stake holders - the defrauded Landrushers - on matters of fact which rightly concerned them; 7) a preparedness to sell for a third time, opportunities to register 10,000 odd fraudulently registered Sunrise names.

I think that it may appear to many to be the type of daring which occurs when there is collusion between a corporation and regulatory authority who behave as though they have imunity from the laws and requirements for public accountability which govern the rest of us.

In circumstances such as these, it is only with the assistance of an insider that the public learns the truth.

Afilias via Roland laPlante would have liked the world to believe that the Afilias .info launch had been a raging success, that instances of fraud were a fraction of what we learned was the truth via Richard Henderson's, and that "an equitable return to the public" was planned for disputed/challenged Sunrise names.

Without Richard's insider and Richard's website which made the truth public, we would only have had Afilias spin/lies.

Even with the people fighting for truth and a fair deal for the Internet community stung by the Afilias .info launch, Afilias look to still be operating with the sort of daring demonstrated by those with friends in high places.

Only with the type of community action demonstrated by the Richard will the likes of Afilias Ltd. and the scam beneficiaries in ICANN be brought to justice and the Internet community regain confidence that the domain business is straight.



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