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Username: S. Hudgens
Date/Time: Wed, November 28, 2001 at 5:03 PM GMT
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Subject: The Great Experiment


I do not understand this concept of 'experimentation'.  Aside from the technical ineptitude of Afilias and Neulevel, what else has this experiment proved?  ICANN supposedly went through a thorough selection process to ensure that the selected companies were able to run a registry.  Was that the experiment, to find out if ICANN is able to identify failure?

Assuming a company possessed the technical skill to run a registry, what is the problem with adding any new TLD to the root?  We now have all these ccTLD's added without apparent problems.  No 'stability' issues there. 

So, I must ask again, what is the purpose of this experiment?  From where I am standing it looks like ICANN must have not thought much of its selection process, else there would have been no 'experimentation' necessary. 

Why not approve any applicant with a valid application?  ICANN shouldn’t be determining what TLD will be popular through some misguided experiment.  In fact, ICANN shouldn’t be experimenting at all.  Market conditions will determine which registries are successful and which aren’t.  ICANN should only be determining, without bias, which applications are sound.  And to that end they have failed miserably.

Shelby Hudgens


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