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Username: trademark
Date/Time: Thu, November 29, 2001 at 11:59 AM GMT
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Subject: generic names ......trademarks ......rules


                                Most of european patentoffices don't allow to register trademarks for generic words.

(see example patentoffice in german.....translation....."Trademark permissions like e.g.. for" " or " " are therefore for the goods " motor vehicles " just as from the entry excluded as the words " Cabriolet " and " roadster " even (' 8 exp. 2 NR. 1 MarkenG).
Now, as a lot of generic words are listed with trademarks, maybe it make sense to discuss topics :

- How get companies or indivduals worldwide  equal chance for generic names ?

- How to find a fair end for sunrise registration , as a lot of companies/individuals registered generic names for landrush (not to be fraud)?

- How will be the rules for .biz or future.tlds , if trademark will be handled different worldwide for generic names ?

Maybe you have some ideas to discuss
best regards



Link: patentoffice germany

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