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Username: wmd
Date/Time: Thu, November 29, 2001 at 4:05 PM GMT
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Subject: Trade Mark for


After seeing all this hullabaloo out here regarding the TM of, I sent a person across to the TM office to do a back check on the same.

It turns out to be that the information is all correct and there's more to this.

Many reputed companies have applied for BUSINESS TM including IBM. I also gathered that WIPO Officials are here in India helping the Indian TM office to go online probably by Mar 2002. I am sure that they alo have checked the said documents and have found them to be in order.

From all the bickering it looks like a case of sour grapes for ELOM or MOLE. He seems very interested in the said domain. It could also be probably because of the value of the domain.

MOLE, my simple contention. If a TM is available for $200 or maybe even more then why didn't the original Registrants procure the same. Did they fail or did somebody fail them? or maybe they thought that they could find such trademarks in some 3rd World countries but somehow they didn't manage to find them. This is why they registered the domains in the 1st place???

The whole point should not be who got the domain but did the rite person get it unlike thousands of others who have filled wrong TM info and tried to grab domains during the sunrise and the advanced countries software failing to recognise that certain information was for dates which are still to come.

Grown up MOLE, there are thousands of domains which have been obtained in a more questionable manner.



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