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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Mon, December 3, 2001 at 9:12 AM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.74 using Windows 98
Subject: InternetAdvocate/IntemnetAdvocate - OK - you have taken this


scam too far, and I am sick of it.  You may fool some who are new to this forum, but you don't fool spot, ICANNModerator or antipodes.

The lengths to which you are going to deny that you are a scamster using multiple, similar handles and registering names in both, and badmouthing my friends every chance you get, suggests to me that you are a serious sociopath.

If your therapist is reading this forum, I strongly recommend that you be denied any further contact with your Global Warming Bush Love Doll and that you be administered hot lead enemas until to renounce Republicanism and Harry Potter.

BTW - how you going working up  I reckon in a big town you will make a bundle and the fresh air and the exercise will do you the world of good.       


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